Is training with bodyweight good? Can you build bulk and mass only using your body and the force of Earth’s gravity? First of all we have to define what we mean by good. Traditionally, free weight exercises, (exercises using dumb-bells, weights, and otherwise resistance training that use the weight of machines or weights to facilitate the growth of muscles) were known to build muscle, and along with protein powders such as the mass gainer, reviewed in our earlier article, that’s great for building up mass and bulk.

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Body weight exercises are exercises done using only your body: pull-ups, push-ups, hand-stands, body squats are among the most used. Yet how effective are these types of exercises? The answer is easy and complex, depending on what your goals are. The quick and easy answer is: Yes. Body weight exercises are very effective in that they provide healthy levels of blood pressure, therefore reducing the risk of stroke, acute coronary syndrome, overall cardiovascular health, and even some studies have shown these exercises of this nature reduce the risk of Alzheimers!

More energy, better sleep, reduced depression and anxiety are among the additional benefits provided by body weight exercises. No doubt it has its benefits but is it what you are looking for?

If you’re goal is to stay healthy, in shape, reduce depression and anxiety body weight exercises can be the perfect solution to all of these ailments. However if your goal is to build large strong muscle and go for that look that you see in actors such as Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Jason Mamoa, Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime, then sorry fellas, you need to hit the gym!

Yet do not be perturbed, body weight exercises can be incredibly useful for people on the road or those that are busy, in fact you can get a weighted vest and even knock out some push-ups and squats while at the cubicle, on your lunch, or 15 minute break. Choose between 12, 20, 40 lbs. Or if you really want to set your workouts into overdrive go for the 80lbs or more. Nowadays, there really is no excuse not to invest in yourself.

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