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The best reviewed Yoga Mats of 2018

Yoga has taken a forefront in our culture today as one of the more modern exercise routines and regimens that we engage in. Originating in ancient India, Yoga is one of the best methods – physical, mental, and spiritual to get into shape, and a good yoga Mat is important to de-clutter your mind and body. Yoga has been a popular workout method since the 1980’s yet the ancient traditions assert that it is more than physical, but has meditative and spiritual qualities to it as well. One thing is for sure, Yoga is beneficial for clearing the mind, to stretch your body, and attain focus, and as a great way to stay in shape!

1.) The Liforme YOGA Mat – Perfect 5 star reviews!

The best yoga mat on the market today.

  • Warrior like grip.
  • Planet friendly, body kind.
  • Unique Align form system.
  • Wider and Longer than traditional Yoga Mat’s
  • Extra support, stability, and cushioning.
  • Made by Yogi’s for Yogi’s

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2.) Jade Harmony Yoga Mat – Over 2000 positive reviews!

This yoga mat is eco-friendly and comes in various colors

Jade Yoga’s most popular premium mat, the Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-inch mat offers a perfect balance of traction and cushion. Jade mats are made with open-cell, natural rubber, which is well known for offering terrific slip-resistance. As a result, you no longer have to worry about slipping on your practice mat–even if it gets wet with perspiration. Jade mats also offer exceptional resilience, unmatched compression-set resistance, and incomparable cushioning, so you’ll stay comfortable with every pose.

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3.) YOGALAND Premium Yoga Mat with Carrier Strap – Near perfect rating on Amazon

YogaLand Premium Yoga Mat

Rated Perfect 5 stars on Amazon!

NON SLIP : Reversible, double sided anti-slip surfaces ensures that you and your mat never slips during use. Perfect for yoga, pilates, exercise and fitness.
✔ CARRYING STRAP INCLUDED: Every mat comes with carrier straps that makes much easy to carry it to your studio or for outdoor training.
✔ ODOR-FREE: One important feature is that our mats do not let out smell, it is odor-less.
✔ EXTRA THICK: 6mm 1/4-Inch thick yoga mat provides the best cushion ever. It also provides a comfortable surface for sit ups, crunches, and push ups for a less stressful core workout.
✔EXTRA LARGE SIZE: 72 x24 Yoga Mat is ideal size for everyone.
✔ LIGHTWEIGHT : Yogaland provides ultra lightweight yoga mats for easy travel. It is just 2,50 pounds.
✔ ECO FRIENDLY: Yogaland mats are produced with 100% recyclable Eco-Friendly material. Yogaland mats are the best choice for your body and keeping our enviroment safe.
✔ IMPROVED DENSITY: Yogaland mats have higher density than regular yoga mats in order to provide the best comfort for you. The best performance with optimised texture for anti-slip and the best grid and cushion.
✔ SGS, TUV, RoHS CERTIFIED: Yogaland mats have passed EN71,EN1-2-3, Rohs, 6P Free Tests by TUV and SGS. Any harmful chemicals, latex, PVC or silicone are not used.
✔ WATERPROOF: You can clean the yoga mat with soapy water and pat dry with a towel after use.

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4.) BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat – Best budget Mat

BalanceFrom Yoga Mat

With double sided non-slip surfaces, BalanceFrom All-Purpose Premium exercise yoga mat comes with an excellent slip resistant advantage to prevent injuries. Exceptional resilience allow you to keep your balance during any exercise style. The best yoga mat you can find for under 20$.

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5.) Heathyoga Non slip Yoga Mat

Health Yoga Premium quality yoga Mat

Over 800 positive reviews on Amazon!

  • Body Alignment System: The alignment lines help you to focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position, and keep body in proper alignment.
  • Perfect Performance –6mm in thickness offers the most comfortable experience for all level yogis. Double layer structure design provides optimal grip, excellent cushioning and double-sided non-slip texture, best suitable to practice many forms of Yoga.

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YOGALAND Premium Yoga Mat with Carrier Strap – Near perfect rating on Amazon

YogaLand Premium Yoga Mat

5 star perfect ratings are hard to come by, especially when it comes to exercise equipment. Over 100 reviews and all of them 5 stars surely says something about the quality of the mat. Though not as thick as the lifeform mat – our runner up in this review, this Yoga Mat does provide exceptional grip, and stability and rocks a very affordable price. Around 32$ for this award winning mat. Smooth Path rated this may the best they’ve tried even though it was the thinnest. Sleek, lightweight, and beautiful with perfect reviews makes this our favorite Yoga Mat.

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