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The best  Reviewed Plyo Boxes on the web

Plyo boxes are a usually an overlooked item at the gym. If you’re going for aesthetical muscles, also known as the “glamour” muscles: chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, in guys. Buttocks, legs, flat stomach for ladies. Then you are missing out a key component in all around flexibility, strength, and balance. Plyo boxes, do just that. Some benefits include:

  • Work on your explosiveness. This is great if you are training to fight, dance, or run marathons.
  • Increases speed.
  • Supports healthy balance, and functional strength.

1.) J-fit Plyometric Jump Boxes – Amazon’s choice.

j/fit Plyometric Jump Boxes

Skyrocket Calorie Burn, Improve Stamina & Balance With j/fit Plyo Boxes

These steel plyo box platforms are designed in such a way so as to satisfy even the most demanding workout needs. Ideal for both beginners and plyometric boxes enthusiasts, we can assure you that these jump boxes are here to stay. An excellent addition to any crossfit, or home gym.

The excellent steel craftsmanship makes them durable in time and along with all the welded sides, no exterior screws are there to scratch or scrape you while performing exercises.

Such a great way to tone up your whole body, work your muscles, burn calories and improve your stamina all at once. Ideal for steps ups, lateral step overs, burpee step overs, elevated push ups, box jumps, split squats and anything else that comes in mind.

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2.) Rep 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric Box for Jump

Rep 3 in 1 plyo box jump set

The Rep 3-in-1 Plyo Box was designed with Cross Training and HIIT workouts in mind.  Each box allows 3 different heights (useful for CrossFit workouts using the prescribed heights of 24 inches and 20 inches on the 2 larger boxes).

Very easy to assemble.

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3.)Bound 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box

  Perfect 5 star review!

Bound plyo box jump set, easy to assemble and perfect for crossfit.

Quick connect a pair of heavy-duty performance Ab-Straps to your Perfect Pullup bar or any standard pullup bar for ab defining workouts the way the pros do it. This exercise equipment is ideal for burning the lower harder to target belly fat area.

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4.) Stamina | X Adjustable Height Plyo Box – Perfect 5 star rating.


Push your exercises to the extreme with plyometric training while using the Stamina Adjustable Plyometric Box. This durable jumping equipment is perfect for all sorts of plyometric box exercises: box jumps, step-ups, box squats, and even CrossFit workouts. The adjustable plyo box uses the core muscles of both the upper and lower body in unison, creating a powerful movement that builds strength and endurance. It has 4 different settings that provide a great challenge and the surface of the box is sturdy and slip-resistant for added safety.

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5.) Rep Foam Soft Plyo Box for Plyometric Exercises and Conditioning

Rep R Fitness Plyo Box

Made of an ultra-dense foam covered in tough vinyl, our soft plyo boxes are designed to be heavier and therefore put you and your members/athletes at less risk when training. Combined with a soft yet stable surface that won’t chafe your skin, Rep soft plyo boxes allow you to perform plyometric exercises much more safely than the cheap, flimsy competing products.

Available in 24″, 20″, 12″, 6″, and 4″ heights, with the size printed on 2 sides for easy identification.

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Bound 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box Set

Bound plyo box jump set, easy to assemble and perfect for crossfit.

With a perfect 5 star rating at over 250 positive reviews, easy assembly, and 3 different sizes all at under 100$, this is easily one of the better plyo box sets you can buy.

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