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5 of the best reviewed knee braces on Amazon

The best reviewed knee braces on the internet

Knee braces can be lifesavers in the gym while lifting, running, or as compression to help mitigate an injury. They offer the support, balance, and stability that you need when lifting heavy, or adding extra strain to your knees. Knee braces support your knee joints during strenuous activity, some wear knee braces to prevent injuries or aid people who are struggling with knee pain. Knee aid and support for activity injury prevention couldn’t be more important to athletes, professionals, or anyone who wants to prevent injury, while at the same time lifting heavier. I personally use a brace for running in the mountains and another when doing deadlifts, and squats. Check out some of these high rated knee braces below.

1.) Bracoo Knee Support, Open-Patella Stabilizer – Amazon’s choice

Adjustable Strapping & Extra-Thick Breathable Neoprene Sleeve

This knee brace features an open patella design meaning it allows the patella bone of your knee to free float within the structure of the knee brace. This type of design is great for arthritis, strains, sprains, and post surgery recovery due to sports injuries. Though not completely comfortable due to the velcro sometimes becoming a bit loose and rubbing up against your skin, this is Amazon’s choice. Lowere returns over 2700 reviews with a 4 star or higher rating, and a popular item when searching for knee braces. At roughly 13$ this is a great post injury knee brace.

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2.) Rehband Rx Knee Support

The best knee brace for squats, deadlifts, running.

I have tried 3 other knee braces before finally seeing an Marine Corps buddy of mine wearing this brace. I purchased this knee brace in July of 2017 and absolutely fell in love with it. A year later and it’s still my go to brace for both Squats, and Running in the mountains. It provides unbridled stability for your knee, compression, and support for the patella. An absolute beast of a knee brace. This knee brace will not stretch out if you add muscle to your legs, nor will the elastic wear out, or the threads come undone. With over 1270 positive reviews on Amazon it’s a marvel more people do not use this brace. A little heavier on the price tag but you’re getting a good bang for your buck.


• Anatomical Shape
• Preventive and Recovery Effect – use to prevent injuries and for faster recovery and rehabilitation from existing injuries
• The Right Fit – use the sizing guidelines to find the correct fit for your body
• Performance – achieve more while feeling safe
• Support and Stability
• Warmth – prevention and reduction of stiff muscles and joints

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3.) RoxoFit Compression Knee Sleeve – Best for Arthritis/Meniscus tear

Best Knee Support Brace for Meniscus Tear Knee Injury ACL MCL Knee Joint Pain Relief for Men Women

Roxofit is an exceptional version of knee sleeves manufactured from a state-of-the-art material to support, strengthen, protect and heal the knee joints. The fabric is quite porous, enabling the skin to breathe without any discomfort and absorbing of sweat resulting in a dry, odor-free knee.

➡Instant pain relief from a plethora of ailments, including muscle fatigue, tendonitis, arthritis, and swelling.
➡Stimulates blood circulation that aids faster healing of knee joint complications.
➡Amazing fabric that helps the skin breath and keeps the joints warm and protected.
➡Discourages growth of bacteria due to sweat by absorbing the moisture, and maintaining an odor-free, dry .
➡Prevents injury while indulging in high impact activities by supporting the knees, keeping it flexible, and injury-free.
➡Ergonomically formulated knee sleeve is 4-way stretchable for maximum movement and protection.
➡An anti-slip grip design to keep the knee protected even when strenuous tasks are done.
➡The smooth texture and shape of the compression sleeves are very easy to slip on your knee.
➡Minimal maintenance by air drying it after use and occasional hand washing for best performance.
➡Ideal for routine tasks of the day or for specific activities like weightlifting, crosstraining, running, yoga, dance and any fitness regime
➡A healthcare and personal product for a pain-free and comfortable lifestyle.

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4.) WinZone Open Patella Protector Wrap – Best for Active Sports

Knee Brace Support Sleeve For Arthritis, ACL, Running, Basketball, Meniscus Tear, Sports, Athletic. Open Patella Protector Wrap, Neoprene, Non-Bulky, Relieves Pain,, Best Braces

“Ready To Enjoy Doing The Things You Love w/o The Pain? Don’t Settle For An Overrated Brace That’s Stiff And Uncomfortable…You’ve Found Your Answer. Try It Out!”

-Comfortable For Hours, Extra Supportive To Minimize Pain. This Is What You’re Missing.-
Want to get back to running, basketball, tennis, golf, or just to relieve pain? Sick of braces that don’t hold up or work? Forget about cheap soft braces or overpriced, restrictive ones. Ours is super durable, with 100% neoprene that doesn’t get hot, slip, or restrict too much. Completely comfortable, slips on/off in seconds, machine washable –nothing else compares. 

-Super Durable, Perfect For Active Bodies Or To Relieve Arthritic, MCL, Medial Colateral Ligament, Pain! You Can’t Miss This.-
You’re here for a reason…protect yourself without sacrificing comfort or performance. The relief you’ll feel with this is worth far more than the price you’re paying.

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5.) Blitzu Flex Plus Compression Knee Brace –  Joint Pain

Blitzu Flex Plus Compression Knee Brace

Advantages and benefits of wearing Blitzu Compression knee Sleeves:

Basketball players, Tennis Players, Baseball Players, and Golfers, – Train Hard without worrying about injuries such as muscle strains, cramps, and fatigues.

Outdoor enthusiasts and Athletes – Less muscle strain means you can train longer, feel stronger and perform better in the gym and on the field.

People with knee problems – prevent and reduce symptoms of joint pain, muscle pain, and knee pain

That is why you need to invest in the best protective measure, which will help you regain your mobility and protect yourself from injuries.

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An image of the top winner in this health category in 2018


Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeve

The best knee brace for squats, deadlifts, running.

This knee brace is an absolute work horse. A year later of heavy lifting, running in the Santa Monica mountains have not even put a dent in it. It is the ideal knee brace for anything from Basketball, to weightlifting, to running. One of the more pricier knee braces but that price is absolutely worth it. This brace will keep you happy for years to come, oh and the color is really nice too, doesn’t fade in the wash even after 25+ washes. In our professional opinion, the best knee brace on the market.

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