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The best reviewed active sitting equipment on the web

Active Sitting is the body’s ability to maintain a sitting position while actively engaging ones core. It’s also known as dynamic sitting is beneficial in strengthening your core, which in turn has numerous added benefits. The good news is that it can be done anywhere, from your home, office, or at the gym. These are some of the best active sitting products on the internet.

1.) Bintiva Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion

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The Bintiva balance disc is an important strengthening tool that can be used by adults and children. The simple act of sitting on the disc activates core abdominal and trunk muscles. Flexor and extensor muscles work in tandem to keep your balance on the disc while continuously strengthening and toning. Through these small, continuous motions that you are making, deep core muscles are constantly stimulated and enhanced.
It is however, not meant for sitting only. You can actually stand, kneel, and do all sorts of exercises on it, thereby increasing the benefits of those exercise routines.

Flexible seating
The disc can also be used as a textured seat cushion for children that have trouble sitting still. The disc allows them to wiggle and move around while staying seated. Educators and parents alike report great success using them to help calm children who have a hard time sitting still; they have recognized that, for many restless children, these “wiggly” seat cushions have a calming effect.

Ergonomic Seating
Balance cushions are also recommended for when it is necessary to sit for extended periods of time, such as long car, and airplane rides. The disc can provide an ergonomic seating base to relieve pressure from the back and spine.

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2.) Wobble Stool Adjustable Height Active Sitting Balance Chair

Wobble Stool is a fun active chair that makes it easy to move around while sitting. It naturally tilts & moves under your control encouraging you stay active & productive at the office, home, or by the bar.

Wobble Stool helps you stay healthy:

Moving more helps you burn calories and lose or maintain a healthy weight. The increased circulation can help with disease prevention and overall wellness. Plus fidgeting and motion have been shown to boost cognition, focus and creativity.

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3.) Vivora Luno – Self-Standing Sitting Ball Chair for Home

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Foldable chairs are bulky, ugly, and take up too much space in storage. Take your hosting to the next level with Luno – deflate for compact storage, or keep them inflated all the time for stylish auxiliary sitting around the house!

  • Beautifully designed active sitting solution.
  • Be active – effortlessly and anywhere!
  • Activate your core; strengthen your abdominal muscles and improve your posture while relieving back pain.
  • Perfect for yoga, balance training, or any other exercise.
  • For use at home, in the office, in the classroom, or on the go!
  • All-in-one Product: high-quality, anti-burst yoga ball and hand pump included!

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4.) Gaim Balance Disc – Amazon’s choice

This posture-improving inflatable 16″ Balance Disc will engage your abs and core muscles while you sit. Even works outdoors for a quick seat or on hardwood or carpet flooring. Great for a meditation seat or wherever you need a little extra cushion.

By controlling the firmness of the cushion, you can adapt it to your fitness needs and comfortability. Can also be used for strengthening exercises in or out of your chair.

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5.) Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair

Zenergy allows a little zip in your sit by providing movement that not only helps you sit comfortably, but also helps you concentrate and supports better posture and balance. Four powder coated steel legs with stationary glides offer optimal stability so you can work without worrying about your chair rolling out from under you.

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4.) Gaim Balance Disc – Amazon’s choice

We agree with Amazon’s choice. With a low return rate, more than 80% 5 star reviews, and the most popular active sitting search, coming in at just under 25$, this is a great purchase. Add it to any chair either at home or in the office, and try it out for a week, and if it’s not for you, you at least strengthened your core. Couple this with the back and posture corrector, and mitigate the back pain from work or home office.

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