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What can My Total Optimization can do for you?

My name is Michael R. founder and lead developer of My Total Optimization. I created this site because like many people out there I was struggling. I struggled with my weight, with motivation, with drive, and quite honestly with the world. I had no direction, or ambition. No career goals or set path. I then stumbled upon several podcasts and books which had a cumulative effect on my life and snowballed into me pursuing my passion full time. MyTotalOptimization doesn’t sell anything. The only thing I do, is point you towards products on Amazon that either I have personally used and have gained significantly from, friends or family have used and enjoyed, or after meticulous research, I’ve figured out which products are the best and why. I commited myself to change my life and here is a picture of my progress so far.

My weight transformation

My journey has been long, and hard, and I have overcome many obstacles and adversities. However, in no way am I perfect or even close to it, but I do constantly work on myself. Through articles, product reviews, podcasts and good old fashioned linking to people that are smarter than me and know what they are talking about in a much more thorough fashion, I plan on making MyTotalOptimization your one stop shop for any and all news in the health world. From what diets are good for diabetics to what products or techniques you can utilize for the best sleep. I cover it all… or at least try to.

Ready to get started? Click on one of the links and start reading. Got a question or a recommendation? Email me at MyTotalOptimization@gmail.com

If I can help 1 person change their life, I would have considered this project a success!

If you like my goal and support what I’m trying to do, please shop on your own Amazon through our banner found on the homepage or below:

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to continuing this journey with anyone and everyone willing to change their lives for the better!

  • Dozens of exercise articles researched by the best in the business

  • New products hitting the scene

  • Variation workouts

  • Strength and conditioning articles dedicated to keep you in the best shape of your life.

  • The best book reviews to help you sharpen your mind and strengthen your body

  • In depth articles on mindset, influential people, motivating books and more.

  • References to popular podcasts to help you get the most from the people who lived it.

  • The best place to start for self improvement. Post your articles or send them to our admin at totaloptimizedmale@gmail.com for chances to win monthly prizes, if we feature your article.

  • Reviews and articles of the top products related to optimizing yourself to your full potential.

  • Links to products of the best items on the market, as well as alternatives.

  • Personally tested, personally used, and implemented with accurate unbridled reviews.

  • If we cannot point you in the right direction, we will point you to a site that can! No bs, we don’t sell anything here, we are helping you find whats right for you.

  • The best reviewed products to stay in optimal health.

  • Leaders in the industry, podcast recommendations, and youtube links directing you to the best most useful health and diet videos.

  • Articles on numerous diets including: Ketogenic, Atkins, Modified Atkins, Mediterranean diet, and more!

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