11 of the best healthy gift ideas for her

//11 of the best healthy gift ideas for her

11 of the best healthy gift ideas for her

We all have a special woman in our lives, some are lucky enough to have several. Whether it’s your mother, girlfriend, wife, life partner, aunt, or niece, show them you care by getting them something healthy for any occasion. Forget the socks, and the theater gift cards this year, go for something that will actually benefit her life in an affirming and healthy way. We’ve searched the internet for some of the healthiest gift ideas for her out there, from juicers, to running shoes, to yoga mats, we’ve included the top 11 healthy gift ideas for her. These gifts are great for Mother’s day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or just as an I love you and am thinking of you moment. Let us know what could be added to the list!


1.) Aicok Juicer Slow Masticating Juice Extractor

Aicok Slow Masticating Juice Extractor Cold Press Machine


Get your special someone something she can use daily, for numerous health benefits. This year and get her this quiet running slow masticating juicer from Aicok. We pick our winners based on the quality, price, reviews, and longevity. This juicer takes all those categories in strides. It’s the #1 best seller on Amazon in the masticating juicer category. It’s trusted, has low noise pollution, and is in a great price range. You know you’re getting a quality juicer that will last. Do yourself a favor and pick this juicer up and start juicing today. Replace just one meal a day, and watch her and your health improve immensely.

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2.) Life Form Yoga Mat – The World’s Best Eco-Friendly, Non Slip Yoga Mat.

An image of the Revolutionary Yoga Mat for anyone


An amazing 5 star reviewed product. What goes great with a healthy diet? Exercise. Plenty of it, and Yoga is an amazing way to clear the mind, stretch the limbs and tone your muscles. The relaxation and stretching techniques of yoga, is good for a plethora of health benefits including: the mitigation of lower back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and low blood pressure! A session of yoga can lessen the stress accumulated during a full week of work! Imagine that.

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3.) AeroGarden 7 LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

The AeroGarden 7 vegetable grower for indoors


Who doesn’t like to garden?  With this super easy Indoor garden kit now you can get your special lady, a gift that she can use year round! Grow fresh vegetables for the salad, or fresh fruit without the hassle of outdoor gardening. The indoor garden grows in water, not soil through the awesomeness of hydroponics. With up to 7 plants that can be grown at any one time, now you can have that outdoor garden in the kitchen. It does wonders for the décor of the room it’s in, and is very reasonably priced.

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4.) Holiday Nut Dried Fruit Gift Basket

An image of the Holiday Nut dried fruit gift basket


Instead of the chocolates or wine, why not give your special girl the healthy option this year. The Holiday Nut Dried Fruit Basket.  This kosher, vegan, and dairy free box comes with an assortment of dried fruits, and nuts including: Nectarines, Diced Pineapple, Turkish Apricots, Apple Rings, Angelino Plums, Cranberries, Pears, Date Nut Rolls, Sugared Papaya and Kiwi. The perfect gift to send to her at work.

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5.) Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 20 Running shoe

Running shoe for women


What do you get the girl that’s always jogging whether its to work, running errands, or running the trails faster than Santa doing his rounds on Christmas? We’ve got you covered, and no, it isn’t a sleigh. Get your special woman the Mizuno Women’s running shoe. Voted top 5 Women’s running shoe of 2018 by our incessant reviewers, and with close to 200 positive reviews – in a stylishly modern shoe, your lady will definitely appreciate you looking out for her health in a positive way. Ok – you can get her the sleigh if you want.

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6.) Echo Spot

The Amazon Echo dot - the worlds smartest personal assistant that fits in the palm of your hand.


The echo spot is easy enough for anyone to use, and has remarkable potential as a personal assistant. You could have the echo tell you the weather, set an alarm, adjust the thermostat settings in your house, to-do and shopping lists, browse and listen to Audible audiobooks, and much more. It’s designed to fit anywhere in your house and the possibilities are endless. Especially helpful for tech-savvy woman on the go.

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7.) Instashaker (2018 model) Protein Shaker Bottle

An image of the instashaker protein shaker


Protein shaking has evolved, with the instashaker. This shaker goes beyond just being able to mix up your protein. Now you can create:


  • Pre and post workout supplement drinks
  • Bullet Proof Coffee
  • Superfood Powders
  • Meal Replacement shakes


Anything you need to shake up, can now be done with this instashaker. USB rechargeable and easy to clean make this a must have in any health nuts’ kitchen.

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8.) Lazy Monk Stability and Exercise Ball

An image of Lazy Monk Exercise Ball Yoga Balance Ball with free pump


Alright, maybe you want to get that special woman in your life healthier – but with baby steps. 5 star perfect ratings are hard to come by, especially when it comes to exercise equipment. Nearly 400 people believed that this was the best exercise ball for the money, and at under 20$ for the pump and a ball, this is the most versatile way to sculpt your abs, and strengthen your core. Bring this to the office, or keep an extra at home. At this price you can’t go wrong.

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9.) URPower 400 ml essential oil diffuser

An image of the URPOWER 400ml diffuser



So you just came back from a long day of work, or hit the gym particularly hard. What’s better than to turn on a mouse-quiet diffuser with essential oils, to soothe your body and mind? This super quiet aromatherapy diffuser will never disturb you when you are reading, working or sleeping. BPA Free & Waterless Auto Shut Off: The URPOWER diffuser can hold 400ml of water which will be auto-off when water runs out under continuous mode. A great gift idea to give to her for any room in the house.

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10.) Philips Smoke-less indoor grill

The Philips smoke-less indoor bbq grill


Give your special someone the power of cooking with infrared technology in the comfort of the indoors! With this grill you can cook up healthy lean meats, and vegetables in the comfort of your kitchen with BBQ like quality. Advanced infrared technology and special reflectors guide heat to the grid for delicious, evenly grilled food. The drip tray underneath remains cool so there is virtually no smoke. No need to adjust the heat. The grill quickly heats up to a consistent 446°F, the optimal temperature for searing meat, leaving it juicy and tender on the inside, without any of the hassle associated with charcoal or propane.

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11.) Soothing Lavendar Spa Gift Basket

In home personal spa kit for any occasion

Ok, at the end of the day our special someone is still our special someone. They love being pampered and loved and being shown affection. Though not as healthy as our previous gift ideas, this gift does have essential spa oils, body scrubs, exfoliating gloves, an eye mask, body buffer, bath salts, and lavender body scrub. Not to mention a ton of snacks. Basically everything you would get at a spa, without having to make the appointment and do the driving. Take care of your special someone and show her you care with this kit that will absolutely spoil her, for any occasion.

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There you go! A great list of some of the healthier products out there for any day – Birthday’s Anniversaries, or anything you can think of. Forego the Teddy bear and chocolates this year, and get your special someone a present that she will appreciate for years to come. Her health will thank you too!


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